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Daytime Lime: Lime energy burst and anti-stress

Daytime Lime: Lime energy burst and anti-stress

Maestro Tea
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Steep 1-3 tsp per 250ml hot water

a lightly stimulating blend headed by a burst of lime to brighten your energy and help with stress.

Kaffir Lime Leaves bring a spritz of lime and have been known to be good for the liver and the lymphatic system.  It has antibiotic and anti-bacterial properties, can be ant-inflammatory and immune boosting and can also stimulate digestive processes.

Schisandra Berry is a delicious adaptogen that can increase resistance to stress and may  increases energy and endurance. Schisandra Berry is also known to be liver supportive.

Siberian Ginseng is used as a stimulant and has been known to be an adaptogen which helps with stress management, and increased endurance.  

Ginger Root has a distinct bite that has been known to promote circulation and  digestion.